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Serge Andriyevsky implantologist

From my point of view – medicine is art, because every patient and respectively, every performed job is unique. In my work, it is very important for me to make contact with anyone who gets into the dentist’s chair. Every day I see how stressful and distressing a visit to a dentist can be, so one of my main goals is to create a climate of trust and peace. I have graduated from Rīga Stradiņš University, and I have received an MBA degree in Riga Business School. After a few years I continued to rise my qualifification and received a Master’s degree in implantation and dental surgery at the International College of Medicine in Germany. All this gave me a rare opportunity to become a specialist in bone grafting. Patients, business, family and two sons take the majority of my time, but despite this, I find time for sport – jogging, cycling, boxing and bikram yoga. To keep yourself in shape so that you can make the most out of your beloved work – it’s art as well.

Alexander Makarov implantologist

I have spent 12 long years in order to become a dentist. Five of these twelve years I have been studying at the Rīga Stradiņš University and the Institute of Dentistry. For the remaining seven years I actively continued my studies by traveling around the world and taking over the expertise of various masters in several dental industries – surgery, implantology, aesthetic prosthetic. I like intensive work rhythm, that’s why I work not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia. For quality control in my work I use photo and video capture: it helps me and the patient to make sure that the result is in line with the desired and planned outcome. My specialization is ceramic restoration for smile aesthetics, implantation and prosthetics in implants, restoration of lost bone. Communicativeness and optimism are my strengths that help me translate a sense of trust to the patient. When a patient comes to me, he is convinced that together we will solve any problem, regardless of the level of complexity. Languages are one of my other passions. I am fluent in Latvian, Russian, English and Swedish, and I can also communicate in German and French.


Consultations and diagnostics
Implantologist consultation 65 EUR
Preparation of a treatment plan 60 EUR
Panoramix X-ray 45 EUR
Dental implant placement
Titanium dental implant (Alpha Bio) from 700 EUR
Titanium dental implant (Straumann, Ankylos) from 800 EUR
Titanium dental implant (Nobel Biocare) from 900 EUR
Individual abutment by agreement
Cermet crown on implant from 800 EUR
Zirconium crown on implant from 900 EUR
Plate denture on implants, girder-type construction with attachments from 2750 EUR
Plate denture on implants with ball attachments 1600 EUR
Implant exposure 135 EUR
Temporary plastic crown on implant 450 EUR
Rubber replacement on the abutment 85 EUR
Removal of the implant 390 EUR
Bone regeneration
Sinus lift from 1200 EUR
Bone regeneration from 650 EUR
Bone plastic surgery from 2750 EUR
Collagen membrane 550 EUR
Donor bone transplantation from 5000 EUR
Additional services
Intravenous sedation (treatment in a sleep) 160 EUR per hour
Laughing gas 70 EUR per hour
Anesthesia 17 EUR


Consultation with implantologist

One of the most important steps in treatment is to find THE doctor and calm down. During the consultation, you will understand if you establish a contact with a specialist whom you intend to entrust a serious treatment process. The implantologist will carry out a thorough oral examination, find out your health status, and offer treatment options.

Preparation of a treatment plan

Dental implantation is a procedure that is performed in several stages that are stretched over a period of time. The implantologist will prepare a detailed treatment plan to provide a clear understanding of how many times during the treatment you will need to visit the treatment center, as well as the costs of each visit, the total treatment costs and provide the possible treatment alternatives.

Installation of dental implant

If you’re tired of living without one or several teeth – implantation is the best way out. With our help, you will be able to choose dental implants from the average price category to the top quality implants from leading manufacturers (Straumann, Nobel Biocare). Your implantologist will explain you the difference between the different types of implants. What can be done with dental implants:

  • Replacement of one missing tooth without removing adjacent teeth
  • Rebuilding of multiple teeth with implant bridges
  • Complete restoration of the entire tooth row with an implant prosthesis consisting of 6 to 8 implants
  • Removable denture for 2-4 implants


Single tooth restoration
Several teeth restoration with dental bridges
Full arch restoration with the a full set of teeth on 6-8 implants
Removable dentures on 2-4 implants

Sinus lift

Some patients experience bone deficiency in the upper jaw. This means that dental implantation can not be performed until bone restoration has taken place. Increasing the sinus of the upper thigh to the required height eliminates bone tissue deficiencies and opens the way for bone restoration with the help of implants.

Bone regeneration

Lack of bone tissue is a rather common problem. Luckily it can be solved with bone regeneration . The essence of the method is the insertion of external bone material (synthetic or natural), while the collagen membrane is used in parallel, which helps to build up the bone mass. Without a membrane operation, restoration of bone tissue is destined to fail, because the bone mass level will increase in insignificant amounts or even not increase at all, therefore implantation and dental restoration will no longer be possible.

Bone plastic surgery

If the bone mass is not sufficient, the patient can act as a bone donor. With this method, the material (bone blocks) is taken from the patient’s lower jaw and screwed with special screws for osteosynthesis, forming the foundation and walls. The working area is filled with bone crushers to accelerate the growth of bone blocks, and at the top it is closed with a special membrane, after which the gum is sewn. After about 6-8 months, the patient “will grow”  new bone tissue.

Donor bone transplantation

In some complicated cases, patients may not have their own bone tissue at all. This may be due to an injury or tooth loss due to paradantosis. In addition, the prolonged use of detached dentures can lead to bone tissue atrophation. The solution to this problem is donor bone graft. When the donor’s bone is assimilated, the patient and the doctor can begin the next stage of treatment -the implant installation.

Intravenous sedation

If a dentist visit causes panic or strong anxiety to you, we recommend the so-called “dream therapy” or intravenous sedation. With intravenous sedation, the patient’s consciousness is b suppressed, while being carefully observed by an anesthetist who is monitoring the procedure. The sedative is injected into the vein, making the patient very sleepy. While the medicine lasts, the implant-surgeon will take the necessary treatment – increase bone tissue or install an implant.

About us

We are not talking about being high-end professionals or using the latest equipment and continuously improving our skills. Because in this industry all of the above have long been the industry standard. We are above standards. We put the patient’s health in the first place and submit to his or her interests in our daily routine work. If you are tired of conveyor medicine, visit our Center and you receive the highest attention, responsibility and experience.

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